Saturday, September 25, 2010

Off on New Adventures....

Greetings on a lovely Saturday Morning. Fall is in the air, the evenings are finally getting cool and it might be time to start the holiday knitting.

Here at Knitting Addiction we are busy knitting new samples from Malabrigo WORSTED... the shipment arrived on Wednesday and skeins are running out the door! We ordered a lovely assortment of 20 colors, it is soft and delightful. Come check it out.

While you are at the shop take a minute to say hi to the "new girl" Lisa. You'll know her by the big smile and the cheery greetings. So on to the reason for a "new girl"- Britt has, after great thought and much, Much, MUCH deliberating, decided she is going to take a job at Willard and Kelsey, a solar glass manufacturing plant, in Ohio. (Translation: she's leaving us!) The job is a great opportunity and a chance to be there as a new and upcoming business starts to grow. Short term will have Britt here at the shop through November, and then she's off to Ohio. The new job will eventually take Britt to sunny Florida- we know she loves sunshine best, so we are wishing her all the very best.

I'd like to invite all who want to attend to a "Best of New Beginnings" party to send Britt off with flair. It will be here at Knitting Addiction, Sunday, November 21 from 2-4 (it's also Britt's birthday). Please come drop in, give Britt a big hug and wish her well on her new adventure. We will miss her like crazy, but most of us knew she was a gypsy at heart. We were lucky to have her here at Knitting Addiction for 5 great years.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Goodbye Earl!

Greetings from the slightly soggy Outer Banks!

Thanks to all who called and emailed to check in on us at Knitting Addiction. Most now know that the storm was a media circus brought to you by the Weather Channel and all the wind associated with the storm was from Jim Cantore's incessant yammering. Good grief- just hush already!

The storm brought lots of wind, lots of rain, some flooding in the usual places. I worked several hours with the fire department during the storm, which lead to KA being closed on Friday. If we missed you Friday, or late Thursday, we hope you came back to see us on Saturday or are planning to see us some time on Monday.

Best of a quiet Sunday to all.