Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Settling In....

Greetings from blog land.... Good news: We are all moved in to the new space at MP 4.5 and open for business. Bad news: I am still a lousy blogger!

The move went amazingly well. I am blessed with the most amazing customers and friends. A small army arrived on Saturday and set to work at any task I asked. We had trucks loaded and on the move in short order. Sunday was another day of awesome help and lots of hustle. Thanks to all who came out to help make this move work. I appreciate you!

We are all settled in and the new space looks wonderful. I've started buying new yarns and fibers (Yeah! A FUN job!!)I have a new wonderful hand-spun, some lovely roving, lots of great new yarns and other goodies. Can't wait to see you here at MP 4.5!