Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great Sale! Great New Stuff!

Greetings on Ground Hog Day! Great stuff going on around here at Knitting Addiction. I am thrilled about some new yarns and really getting excited about upcoming events.

First the new stuff: As most know I'm not a coffee drinker (want to be, love it... but it makes my heart jittery) so just the thought of a yarn called "CoffeeBeenz" made my heart flutter. Little did I know it was in a GOOD way!! CoffeeBeenz is from Plymouth, it is an Encore Family yarn. Same great blend as Encore, same great washability, slightly lighter in weight (about 5 stitches per inch on 7's or 8's). REALLY COOL FABRIC! I love it! The yarn has a really neat runner around the good solid Encore-esque core. The runner changes color slightly and has a mild thick and thin component. The end result is a really good looking knitted fabric. The color palette is a great mix of what I would call "guy" colors, navy blue, a couple great browns (yep- you heard it here), burgandy, wedgewood blue, black, forest green and even a really nice olive green. I'm taking some home to start a cute kid's vest from Knitting Pure and Simple pattern # 256. Even the biggest size, a finished 30 inch, only needs 2 balls of this great stuff. Super washable, super fabric, super price, 210 yards for $8.25, Super excited to be knitting this yarn.

Next new yarn! I just talked with Demien at Blue Heron Yarns and ordered his Cotton & Rayon Seed in several colors that compliment the Rayon Metallic that is already in stock. I am excited to see how these two fibers can play nicely in a beautiful shawl or wrap. The Cotton and Rayon Seed is a beautiful drapey DK. It has a really neat texture and would be beautiful worked into a Skinny Triangle Scarf or Waves and Sunsets Shawl. The yardage is great, 450 yards for $40. One skein will do a bunch of cool stuff. The box should arrive early next week, so come check out the new stuff. Demien also offered to send skeins of new fibers (the new stuff???) and I graciously accepted. I can't wait to see what else will be in the box!

Which leads to .... cool events to look forward to: Knitting Addiction will be hosting a Blue Heron Trunk Show the first 2 weeks in April. We did this in the past and it was a hit. Once I have a chance to look at the new and fab fibers (can't wait) Demien and I will brainstorm what we think will do well and then it's all over but the knitting, and a little waiting.... Blue Heron does so many lovely colors and fibers I know it will be an event to plan for. First 2 weeks of April, be here.

Other cool events- closer on the calendar: YARN SWAP! Feel the need to rid yourself of some pent up yarn guilt? Want to clear the decks for other cool stuff? Join us at Yarn Swap, Saturday, March 3 at 3:30. Everyone is welcome, bring your unloved, leftover, half knitted yarns, books or needles and claim a spot in the shop. Set out your stuff, check out other people's stuff and see what magic happens when you start negotiating. Light snacks and goodies will be served. This is a great chance to clear the closet of the yarns you have grown tired of and see what other "treasures" lurk in someone else's closet. Even I have a big bin that will be available for swapping. The only rules are you have to bring something to swap and you have to have an open mind. In the past this has been tons of fun. I'm really looking forward to another great afternoon.

But wait... there's more! Sale! Sale! Sale! I hate to see it go, but Mission Falls 136 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and it is time for me to clear some shelf space for something new and wonderful. All Mission Falls 136 (a lovely DK Superwash Wool) is on sale %25 off while supplies last. I still have sweater quantities of lots and sock and small quanties of even more. If you are in the market for a wonderfully soft, washable wool in a three season weight, now is the time to get it. While supplies last.

That's the news from here. Thanks for your loyal support. 2012 is going to be an awesome year!