Monday, September 2, 2013


Greetings from Knitting Addiction!

It is Labor Day and that means summer has come to it's "official" end. We will be transitioning to Fall Hours after next Monday. Fall Hours are Tuesday- Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4.

Lots of fun new things have arrived for fall. We have a great selection of SeaStar in fingering weight. We also have new colors of KnitCol, Dreambaby DK and some fun new Encore colors.

I'll try to be better about posting this fall. I am a little better about keeping things up on Facebook, so if you need more weekly fix, try following us there.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer has arrived

Greetings from Blogland! Summer hours have started. We are now open Monday- Friday 10-6 and Saturday from 10-4.

We are off and running with a full staff, a couple familiar faces have been joined by new smiling faces. Karen and Chantel are still here and a vital part of the team. Joining them are the lovely Abbys (Abby Hazel and Abby Blue, check eye color to tell who's who). Another lovely young face is Laura, she will be with us for the summer.

Lots of wonderful new yarn at the new space, beautiful fibers for spinning, and a wonderful group of folks, ready to help with whatever they can.

We are still happily doing tech support on a drop in basis. If you are coming to town and really want to learn a new skill catch us at the beginning of your week and let us get you started on something fun.

Can't wait to see you!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Settling In....

Greetings from blog land.... Good news: We are all moved in to the new space at MP 4.5 and open for business. Bad news: I am still a lousy blogger!

The move went amazingly well. I am blessed with the most amazing customers and friends. A small army arrived on Saturday and set to work at any task I asked. We had trucks loaded and on the move in short order. Sunday was another day of awesome help and lots of hustle. Thanks to all who came out to help make this move work. I appreciate you!

We are all settled in and the new space looks wonderful. I've started buying new yarns and fibers (Yeah! A FUN job!!)I have a new wonderful hand-spun, some lovely roving, lots of great new yarns and other goodies. Can't wait to see you here at MP 4.5!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh the purple paint!!

Yea!!! There is a whole lot of purple going on at MP 4.5! The new space is looking wonderful. Here is a quick pics.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving on up!!! to MP 4.5!

Okey, dokey! If that title doesn't get you reading, not sure what will! Yep, it's true, Knitting Addiction is moving to even bigger and more wonderful space at Mile Post 4.5. Our new neighbors will be Trio, a wonderful wine/beer/cheese store with a great bistro, and Diamonds and Dunes. The other half of the Harbour Bay shopping includes Good Life, Island Books, The Loft and a number of other great shops.

The new lease was signed on Friday and build out begins this week. We will be in the current location until Saturday March 2. We'll move over the weekend and be open at the new location on Tuesday March 5. I'm really excited about the new location, it has lots more space and a great feel. I'll post pics as we get working....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday (and beyond) hours

Greetings from Knitting Addiction. I hope you have had a Happy Hannaukah or are almost to a Merry Christmas or at least a Happy New Year!

All is well here, there may be some big changes in the near future, but for now... here's the important stuff:

Holiday Hours:
December 18-21, 10-6 December 22 10-4
Closed December 23, 24 and 25
December 26-28, 10-6 December 29 10-4
Closed December 30, 31 and January 1

Open Jan 2-5 10-6

And...wait for it... Closed January 6-14(crazy talk!!)

We'll be back on winter hours after that Tuesday-Friday 10-5:30 and Saturdays 10-4.

I hope to see you guys all in the new year...funny that my fingers typed "new yarn" three times before I got "year" correct...hmmmm:)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ellyn Cooper & SeaStar Trunk Show!!

Yea!!! The Annual Ellyn Cooper Trunk Show is off and running! We have been getting boxes almost every day. (I love my UPS driver:)

The mix of fibers and colors in this year's collection is wonderful. There is something for everyone. Awesome sock yarn, beautiful lace (including an amazing lace with sparkles!), wonderful fibers for sweaters or shawls. It is really a great mix. Some early favorites are the Annetoinette, a beautiful angora blend and Gemini, a wool/silk in a dk.

Come check it out.

We also have a wonderful SeaStar Handpaints event going on too. Brittany has been up to her elbows in the dye pots and has shipped an amazing array of her wonderful yarn. We have a ton of colors in several different fibers. Superwash wool in fingering and DK. Some of the fingering is dazzling with a little touch of sparkle to it. I love the DK weights, perfect for a cool hat or a pair of perfect socks!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Post-Storm Size Up and Ellyn Coming up!

Greetings from the Outer Banks. It was a wild and windy weekend across most of the East Coast. If you and yours were in the path of the storm that wouldn't stop I hope you are safe and sound. All is well here at Knitting Addiction and at home, I hope all my people can say the same.

Good news follows the stinky stuff: The annual Ellyn Cooper Trunk Show is heading our direction soon. Boxes should start arriving next week and the plan is to have yarn out for shopping by Saturday, November 10. I've let Ellyn have free reign on this one, so I'm not sure what magic will be in the boxes, but I am certain that there will be tons of it! I'll post pictures when yarn arrives.

The Trunk Show will continue through the end of November. I can't wait to see what arrives, and I can't wait to see you guys!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thanks for a FAB summer!!

Greetings from the world's worst blogger! Summer has come and gone and we at Knitting Addiction are happy to say it was a GREAT season.

Huge thanks all around on this post. Thanks first and foremost to my AMAZING staff! If you had asked in May (and some of you wonderful folks did...) how the summer was going to be with staffing I am pretty sure my response was a pained grimace. Lucky for me, the universe stepped in and brought me a wonderful mix of great ladies to make my job look easy.

Huge thanks to my long time, part-time, fill-in-the-blanks and get-it-done, person, Karen. Karen has been a dear friend and an awesome employee for several years. She has a "real" job as a Dare County Paramedic, but on days off she helps out at Knitting Addiction and saves my life (or at least my sanity) from time to time. If you had the pleasure of working with Karen this summer, you know how wonderful she is. Thanks to Karen for being the strong steady force you are.

More thanks to the wonderful Chantel. Chantel joined the KA staff full time in May and worked her tail off all summer. As a long time crocheter, and a new knitter she is an awesome addition to the staff and has brought a wonderful element to the shop. Inventory doesn't stand a chance of being out of order or out of stock when Chantel is around. She is a great asset. I'm thrilled to have Chantel continue to work for me as she heads back to school working toward a nursing degree. Thanks to Chantel for all your hard work.

Still more thanks to the lovely Ada. Ada is Karen's daughter and I pirated her away from a job waiting tables this summer. She joined the staff full-time and was a delightful addition. Ada graduated in May with her nursing degree and was hired on full-time to a "big girl job" last week back in West Virginia. We will miss her humor and wit at Knitting Addiction, but some lucky nurse manager has an awesome new employee.

Last, and certainly not the least to be thanked are YOU, my wonderful, loyal customers who continue to shop with us year after year and make the whole adventure worth while. I love seeing what you have knitted from year to year (or week to week....)! I love hearing about kids, and grandkids, and new additions to family. I love the pictures and emails about what wonderful things you are knitting. And, I love being a part of your lives. Thanks for your continued business, thanks for your words of encouragement and support and thanks for a really wonderful summer.

Here's to the fall and more great things!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New! New! New!

Greetings from the Outer Banks! Hot and humid outside, but inside is filled with tons of new cool fibers! I'm just in love with the new inventory additions and I have to share.

I've added Knit One, Crochet Too fibers to the mix. The new fibers include Ty-Dy, an awesome long color run cotton. Machine washable, beautiful colors and simply wonderful to knit on. I knitted the Little Girl's Dress from Knitting Pure and Simple in it. To dye for!!

Another beautiful fiber from K1C2 is Babyboo, a bamboo/nylon blend that is a delight on needles and as a finished project. I had to knit the Girl's Shrug out of it (another great KP&S pattern). Babyboo is the yarn that I had to pass around for everyone to knit on when I was swatching. It machine washes beautifully and would be an awesome summer garment for adults and kids alike.

Other great new fibers include Crock-o-Dye and Ty-Dy Socks also by K1C2. I'm knitting the Crock-o-Dy into a beautiful shawl and have a pair of socks on needles in the Ty-Dy Sock. I'll post pictures of those as they get finished.

A couple of side notes. Congratulations to new mom and dad, Brittany and Joe Place. Many of you will remember Britt was my right-hand man for a number of years. She and wonderful husband Joe just welcomed little Emily Savannah into the world. Wishing Britt and baby and the rest of the family all the best.

Speaking of the BEST,....this week was simply wonderful. It was full of amazing, happy people who loved yarn and made all the work tons of fun. Thanks to those who were here and shared some of your vacation with us here at Knitting Addiction. Special thanks to Leslie, Chad and Hannah, you guys made my whole week!

Another big thanks to all who have contacted me through Facebook, email and review sites to let me know that we really are doing this whole yarn store thing pretty well. I appreciate hearing that we are pretty good at what we do and that most of the time we get it right.

If you love what a small business is doing tell the world, if you wish something was different tell the owner. Thanks to those who understand how much heart goes into what we do. I love my job and I love my customers. Thanks for staying on the ride with me!