Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer News and Sale!!

The world's worst blogger is back at it! I've been even worse at keeping the blog up since I started a very basic Facebook page. (It's a bunch easier to come up with a couple of sentences and a quick picture when the shop is busy.) I'm trying to keep it all going though, so here is the summer news.

Lots of great new yarns have been added to the inventory. Mendocino by Crystal Palace is a lovely worsted plied wool with a stunning transition of color. I've knitted it into Wingspan, a really cool shawl. The yarn is great to work with and quite striking.

Cuddles is another new yarn from Crystal Palace. Great heavy worsted acrylic that washes like a dream. Perfect for baby and kiddo stuff. We love this yarn.

We've also added some great Schaefer yarns. Nichole is a fingering weight superwash sock yarn. A skein does a pair easily with over 400 yards and the best part is it is a DREAM to knit on. This yarn just slides on the needles and is rapidly becoming a shop favorite. Great colors in the Schaefer tradition too.

Susan is another lovely Schaefer yarn. It is a mercerized sport weight cotton. Really lovely sheen and great stitch definition. This is a great summer yarn. Lovely in shawls and light tops or tanks.

Blue Heron's Cotton Rayon Seed has also joined the new fiber line-up. It has all the color of Blue Heron that we love and a really cool slubby texture. One skein is 425 yards. I've sampled it with Spud and Chloe Fine for a new twist on the favorite Cotton Shrug. Really neat stuff.

And with all the new and wonderful coming in, sadly, it is time to say good-bye to some old favorites that are no longer in production. The good news on this is it's time for a SUMMER SALE! Mission Falls 136, has come to an end (actually stopped production last year, but I stocked up). If you need some great DK superwash yarn for socks or light winter things there is still a good amount left. The stock that remains is now...40% off.

Another sad good-bye is to Pebbles by Classic Elite. Pebbles is a great DK weight cotton/ acrylic blend. It is machine washable, and has a cool texture. Great for summer tops and kiddo stuff, but it is sadly, no longer in production. I still have a good selection of colors and sweater quantities but it is time to make room for the new, so it too is 40% off. If you are reading from a distance and need some of the sale yarns, give me a call and I can take care of your order over the phone.

And a final note from a humble shop owner. Lately I've been quite unfairly blasted on one of the "unbiased review" websites. I'd love to be a duck and let some of it just roll off my back, but when the business is your lifeblood that is pretty hard to do. Dear reader, do me a favor. If you get great service at a locally owned business, tell the world. If you are unhappy with what happened in a small business, tell the owner .

If you read my blog you likely know that I've put heart and soul into Knitting Addiction. I'm not perfect, and if you've been around for the past year you know there have been a couple bumps, but I honestly love what I do. If you don't see that when you are at the shop let me know by email or phone. I'll do my best to fix it. If you do feel the love at Knitting Addiction (and maybe even love me or my staff) tell the world.

Thanks and Happy Knitting!