Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy February!

A slightly belated Valentine's hug to all of our faithful customers. Thanks for your support throughout the year. You guys rock!

I keep figuring that with winter being here, things will settle down and we will have time to get to all the stuff that needs to be done (like catching up on the blog... organizing my office....) Somehow, it is just not working! January was a great month. The shop is looking great, Lisa and I had a couple of inspired days and re-arranged a ton of yarn in the front room. Spud and Chloe yarns found a new home and we added in the spring colors. We've re-arranged Ellyn Cooper yarns and found some wonderful ways to better highlight her beautiful colors.

A portion of the yarn store shuffle was inspired by a great expansion of new novelty yarns from Crystal Palace. If you are familiar with Crystal Palace they have been creating great texture fibers for a lot of years. We are super excited about the new yarns. Popcorn is a cool carry along with little popcorns of fluff. Fizz is Crystal Palace's short frizzy lash yarn. Little Flowers is a beautiful fiber with tiny flecks of metallic yarns mixed in with tiny tufts. Blippity is a neat yarn that looks like little tiles connected on a skinny runner. Squiggle is my personal favorite, it has long wiggly strands attached about every 3 inches on a thin carry-along yarn. Great colors, great texture and really great prices. Come check them out.

January also brought a chance for me to take a week off and go hang out on someone else's island for a little while. If you missed me while I was in Cedar Key, I hope you know that I'm sure I would have loved to see you. Lisa and Karen were the rock stars I expected. Thanks to all who helped out and wound yarn or answered phones or made sure the girls had lunch while I had a chance to kayak with my man and my mom and hang out on the deck of Black Dog Bar and Tables with my knuckleheads and have a much needed break.

Some sad news arrived in January- Mission Falls Yarns (1824 Wool, 136 Wool and 1824 Cotton) have all been discontinued. My understanding is the license rights for the mill have run out and what they have available is the end of it. I have ordered a good amount of favorites to keep us going a little longer, but know that if you love these yarns like I love these yarns, it is time to get them before they are gone. We still have sweater quantities of most at this time. Give us a call at the shop if you know you can't live with out something.

We are actively researching other yarn lines to find something that will be a good replacement. I'll keep you posted on what we find (but... you know it won't be tomorrow.....)

Happy Knitting,