Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year! Happy Knitting!

Ahh... the crush of the holidays is over. Whether you knitted for family and friends or if you just weathered the hectic pace of the holidays with a little knitting on the side for sanity, that is behind and now it is finally time to knit something fabulous for yourself!

The New Year brings all kinds of resolutions: eat less, move more, quit smoking, go on a diet, the list goes on and on. I'm not sure what your resolutions include, but here are a couple that are good for all of us.

1. Make time for yourself: In the constant contact, constant crush world we live in it is hard to turn off the ringer and just be unavailable for a while. It seems impossible to remember the days when people called the house phone and left a message and we returned it when we had a chance. Why not make a plan to give yourself a few minutes a day with something you love and just not be at the beck and call of the phone or text or computer. Turn off the ringer, settle in with a knitting project you are excited about and just "be" where you are at the moment. Enjoy every stitch and the rhythm of your knitting, enjoy the sound of the needles and the feel of the yarn. The person who can't figure out what to eat for dinner will be ok if they have to decide that on their own.

2. Get organized: As we zoom from place to place dragging all of our worldly possessions around with us we get scattered and collect clutter. Take a few minutes in the following weeks and pick a place in your life that needs a little organization. Your knitting bag might be a good place to start. Go through your bag and really look at what has been riding around in it. If you have bits and pieces of projects from last year's Christmas giving, clear them out. Collect yarn labels (with a small piece of yarn attached) and put them in a safe spot. If you find that you need more Spud and Chloe Sweater for your project you can call the shop and ask for the correct color and dye lot with out saying, "I bought this yarn, and it was blue...." The shop owner will love you.

Take a minute and find a system that works for your needles and notions. I love the Knitting Addiction Stash Pouches, the clear sides and handy zipper keep everything contained and easy to find. I keep all of my notions in one spot, a small KA zipper pouch: scissors, stitch markers in a little tin, yarn needle, tape measure, hand cream. I know that if I have my stash pouch I have just about everything I need for knitting. I move the stash pouch from project bag to project bag and don't have to worry about needing a tape measure when I am on the road.

3. Get inspired: Find a yarn or a project that makes you swoon and put your heart and soul into bringing it into fruition. If you are inspired by cables and haven't mastered the skill, come in to Knitting Addiction and let us show you how easy cables are. Has a particular yarn been calling your name all year? Now is the time to come in and find out what that yarn is yearning to be. A clever cowl or fingerless mitts for yourself in a really lovely yarn are the perfect way to start the year with some inspired style. The staff at Knitting Addiction is ready to help you with this final resolution.

Other news of note. Knitting Addiction will be open M. L. King Monday from 10-4. Please stop by while you are on the beach, we'd love to see you. Other shop hour notes: We will be closed January 24-28. Please plan your yarn needs and emergencies accordingly. We'd love to see you before or after those days to help you keep your New Year's Resolutions.