Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Ideas....

I know, I know... It doesn't seem like there could be time for anything else in our hectic lives, but if you still have gifts to knit I have a couple of great ideas. A nice warm hat or fingerless mitts done in Malabrigo Chunky or Baby Alpaca Grande would knit up in almost no time. A clever felted wine bottle cozy is a great holiday gift with a bottle of something bubbly tucked inside. Another great gift is the Sturdy String Bag recently updated cheery red and white stripes.

I also have some great gift ideas for your favorite knitter. Yarn bowls are flying off the shelves. Carolyn from Studio 12 is bringing another batch up Wednesday, December 7th. If you haven't tried knitting with a yarn bowl, I highly recommend it. Just after Irene I snagged one of Gary's bowls. The glaze made me swoon and I was knitting some really fine alpaca, so I thought I'd give it a try. Boy do I love it! It sits on the floor by my favorite chair, the yarn pulls out happily without snagging or getting tangled, and the bowl keeps the Abbie and Orville fur off my yarn. My new favorite knitting trick is to take my knitting, in the yarn bowl and knit on the porch. No worries about the ball of yarn rolling around or jumping off the deck. If your sweetie is asking for gift ideas this is a great one to consider.

Other great gift ideas for yourself or your favorite knitter could include a set of Harmony Interchangable Knitting Needles. The set includes size 4-11 needles, two sets of cables that make 24 inch needles and two sets of cables that make 32 inch needles. The Harmony Needles are beautiful to work with and the set solves the problem of "Dang, I thought I had those needles!"

We just got in a great selection of beautiful Shawl Pins. There are fun tape measures, cute bags and other great treats for your knitter. Come take a look!