Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thanks for a FAB summer!!

Greetings from the world's worst blogger! Summer has come and gone and we at Knitting Addiction are happy to say it was a GREAT season.

Huge thanks all around on this post. Thanks first and foremost to my AMAZING staff! If you had asked in May (and some of you wonderful folks did...) how the summer was going to be with staffing I am pretty sure my response was a pained grimace. Lucky for me, the universe stepped in and brought me a wonderful mix of great ladies to make my job look easy.

Huge thanks to my long time, part-time, fill-in-the-blanks and get-it-done, person, Karen. Karen has been a dear friend and an awesome employee for several years. She has a "real" job as a Dare County Paramedic, but on days off she helps out at Knitting Addiction and saves my life (or at least my sanity) from time to time. If you had the pleasure of working with Karen this summer, you know how wonderful she is. Thanks to Karen for being the strong steady force you are.

More thanks to the wonderful Chantel. Chantel joined the KA staff full time in May and worked her tail off all summer. As a long time crocheter, and a new knitter she is an awesome addition to the staff and has brought a wonderful element to the shop. Inventory doesn't stand a chance of being out of order or out of stock when Chantel is around. She is a great asset. I'm thrilled to have Chantel continue to work for me as she heads back to school working toward a nursing degree. Thanks to Chantel for all your hard work.

Still more thanks to the lovely Ada. Ada is Karen's daughter and I pirated her away from a job waiting tables this summer. She joined the staff full-time and was a delightful addition. Ada graduated in May with her nursing degree and was hired on full-time to a "big girl job" last week back in West Virginia. We will miss her humor and wit at Knitting Addiction, but some lucky nurse manager has an awesome new employee.

Last, and certainly not the least to be thanked are YOU, my wonderful, loyal customers who continue to shop with us year after year and make the whole adventure worth while. I love seeing what you have knitted from year to year (or week to week....)! I love hearing about kids, and grandkids, and new additions to family. I love the pictures and emails about what wonderful things you are knitting. And, I love being a part of your lives. Thanks for your continued business, thanks for your words of encouragement and support and thanks for a really wonderful summer.

Here's to the fall and more great things!!