Saturday, July 28, 2012

New! New! New!

Greetings from the Outer Banks! Hot and humid outside, but inside is filled with tons of new cool fibers! I'm just in love with the new inventory additions and I have to share.

I've added Knit One, Crochet Too fibers to the mix. The new fibers include Ty-Dy, an awesome long color run cotton. Machine washable, beautiful colors and simply wonderful to knit on. I knitted the Little Girl's Dress from Knitting Pure and Simple in it. To dye for!!

Another beautiful fiber from K1C2 is Babyboo, a bamboo/nylon blend that is a delight on needles and as a finished project. I had to knit the Girl's Shrug out of it (another great KP&S pattern). Babyboo is the yarn that I had to pass around for everyone to knit on when I was swatching. It machine washes beautifully and would be an awesome summer garment for adults and kids alike.

Other great new fibers include Crock-o-Dye and Ty-Dy Socks also by K1C2. I'm knitting the Crock-o-Dy into a beautiful shawl and have a pair of socks on needles in the Ty-Dy Sock. I'll post pictures of those as they get finished.

A couple of side notes. Congratulations to new mom and dad, Brittany and Joe Place. Many of you will remember Britt was my right-hand man for a number of years. She and wonderful husband Joe just welcomed little Emily Savannah into the world. Wishing Britt and baby and the rest of the family all the best.

Speaking of the BEST,....this week was simply wonderful. It was full of amazing, happy people who loved yarn and made all the work tons of fun. Thanks to those who were here and shared some of your vacation with us here at Knitting Addiction. Special thanks to Leslie, Chad and Hannah, you guys made my whole week!

Another big thanks to all who have contacted me through Facebook, email and review sites to let me know that we really are doing this whole yarn store thing pretty well. I appreciate hearing that we are pretty good at what we do and that most of the time we get it right.

If you love what a small business is doing tell the world, if you wish something was different tell the owner. Thanks to those who understand how much heart goes into what we do. I love my job and I love my customers. Thanks for staying on the ride with me!


  1. How wonderful for Brittany! Please tell her congratulations for me! Love your new yarns, will be back to visit as soon as I can.

  2. Hey ladies, i got a good theme somg for you, inspired by a song that you may have heard before. Here it is so far: Oh hot darn, this is my yarn. you see me knittin out in my front yard...." thats all i got so far but if ya'll use it and add on more, can you give a lil thanks to me????
    Hannah Ross
    9th grader

  3. Cheryl Harrell said...

    Wish ya'll would carry more cheaper priced yarns like $8 or less. Unfortunately, I can't afford to pay alot for yarns even tho they are nice and pretty. :) Would love to see ya'll carry the Knit Picks metal needle tips so I can get more to add to my collection. Can't wait to come back in the fall. I even know what yarns I want. :)